What To Expect From A Pornstar Experience

An escort service growing in popularity is the pornstar escort experience. We look further into this highly sought after service that's making porn stars of us all!

September 2020 | Sebby69

Pornstar Escorts 

What To Expect From A Pornstar Experience

The pornstar experience can be extremely satisfying but also very disappointing. I have experienced both and, of course, the first time I tried it was an experience I’d like to forget as soon as possible. I expected everything to be like in a porn video, but it wasn't like that. It was actually a really disappointing experience so I never called the escort in question again. The problem was not with her, but with me. She was perfect in everything she did. I thought it was for me but I couldn’t last long enough. After a lot of experience and training, I started to enjoy the pornstar experience escort.

I can't describe just how embarrassed I was when I finished after a few minutes. The escort told me to sit down and told me that this kind of experience requires good fitness and physical endurance, but also not to cum so quickly. She told me not to worry because I was only 23 at the time and I still had a lot to learn when it comes to sex.

She was very hot, and I was eager to have sex with her. That pornstar experience was a lesson for me, not to take sex lightly, but to explore and try new things and get in shape along the way. After a couple of years, I got into a very serious relationship and it came to the point that I was dissatisfied with the sex life I had with my girlfriend. When we broke up, I started looking for sex without obligations again, but I guess I had bad luck so I ran into girls who have nothing new to offer me. At that point, I started looking for Asian escorts in London because I knew that one bad experience shouldn’t discourage me to hire an escort again. I found a gorgeous and extremely sexy escort that had the most amazing reviews. I had the perfect time with her and she totally blew me away in bed! We really hit it off so I gave her a call a few more times. She was the one who actually suggested we tried the pornstar experience to what I agreed. I was a little scared I would have the same experience as last time, but the difference was that I knew this girl and I was far more experienced now too.

This time around, the experience was absolutely unforgettable! There was hardcore action during our entire date. The experience was amazing and we even used a bunch of sex toys I haven’t tried before with any girl. After having such an amazing pornstar experience, I called this escort a couple of more times, enjoying the same experience over and over again. Each time we met, we enjoyed it more!

When Not To Try The Pornstar Experience

The first mistake I made when it comes to the pornstar experience is that I wanted it too soon without being experienced enough. Younger men usually ask for the pornstar experience because they watch porn videos more frequently and have less direct interaction with girls than older and more experienced men. The pornstar experience is for men who can last longer in bed. Younger men can experience premature ejaculation because the pornstar experience is usually a much more intense experience compared to regular sex. Not living up to your expectations can significantly deteriorate your self-esteem and make you afraid to try new things when it comes to sex.

Actually, being young isn’t the only reason why you should wait before asking for a pornstar experience. If you are in a bad shape and you can’t last long enough in bed, you won’t have a good time. Escorts who offer the pornstar experience are either real pornstars or girls who don’t mind acting like pornstars in bed. The sexual feeling is much more intense and everything is a lot faster. If you finish in the first couple of minutes of your date, not only will you leave unsatisfied, but you’ll also need to pay for the entire appointment, no matter that you didn’t use all of the time you agreed to.

What To Expect From A Pornstar Experience

If you’ve found the right escort for this kind of service, you can have high expectations without worrying that you’ll be left disappointed. The great thing about the pornstar experience is that you can know in advance exactly what will happen during your date. This service actually requires the client to be as specific as possible before arranging a date with an escort. You tell her what you want to experience in advance and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

The pornstar experience is more than just sex that really looks like a scene from a porn video. It’s a combination of that and many more services escorts usually offer. Most clients want to record this experience with an escort and it’s an additional service they offer. The best experience I personally had is when the London escorts I choose let me bring a few cameras to her place so her room started looking like a set from a porn video shooting. We did all the things we usually did when I asked for a pornstar experience, but this time, I had it all recorded so I could watch it over and over again.

How To Prepare Yourself For A Pornstar Experience

What’s important when it comes to the pornstar experience is that you are well-rested before your date. As we said before, this type of service is much more fast-paced than a regular sex session. You should also be in the mood for such activity because forcing yourself to do something you’re not in the mood for will only make your experience a lot worse.

Before you ask for a pornstar experience, you should go on a few dates with the escort first and get to know her a little. The first few dates shouldn’t be a pornstar experience, but some of the more common services. This way, you’ll see what kind of positions she’s best at, what her limits are, and whether you have that “connection” to really enjoy an hour or two of hardcore action! If you’re satisfied with her regular services, you can rest assured that the pornstar experience will blow your mind! The last thing you should do is be mentally prepared. Every experience is a good experience because you get to see and learn something new. You shouldn’t expect too much from your first pornstar experience and you shouldn’t think about it as well. Anything can happen. Although the pornstar experience should give you a feeling like you’re in a porn video, it takes time to get to that level of experience. If your first pornstar experience doesn’t go as well as you thought it would give it some time. Just relax and enjoy it because you’ll quickly reach the level of satisfaction you’re eager to have in no time!


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