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The girlfriend experience or GFE escort service is today one of the most popular escort services in London. We examine exactly what this service entails and why it's become so popular

November 2018 | Sebby69

GFE London Escorts 
I don't know about you but the last person I want my escort to act like is my girlfriend, but then I have been in a long term relationship. Yes of course I remember how it felt in the early days and how intimate moments shared in front of an open fire or in a place where there was always the risk of getting caught made you feel. The intimacy you felt was two fold, not only physical but also very much emotional. A closeness you hoped would never end. It's that physical and emotional intimacy that a true GFE escort is able to give you which has made this particular escort service one of the most popular and one of the most offered services in London today. 

The professional independent escorts that market themselves as a true GFE have often honed their skills over time and know exactly what their clients want from them to achieve that place of pure physical and emotional bliss, where you feel completely at ease in the company of an attentive and beautiful woman who could for all intents and purposes be your girlfriend, at least for the duration of the booking. 

Often, these kind of encounters blossom into long term client / escort relationships where the punter will become a regular simply because they feel so at ease and fully satisfied on every visit. That is a win-win situation for all those involved as the escorts favour their regulars whom they have got to know and trust and the punters know they are in for a wonderful time with a beautiful and attentive woman, no nasty surprises! 

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Girl Friend Experience Escorts 
The term GFE is probably branded around too much however, it seems to have become the catch-all service offered by all London escorts. However, there are certain traits to this service which some of the escorts who market themselves as girlfriend experience escorts may not fully display. The whole experience should start from the moment you set eyes on your GFE date. Just like two people emotionally attached the meeting should be warm, relaxed but with an intense charge of passion and often lust. This enthusiasm sets the tone for the rest of the date and a genuine GFE escort will carry this off to a tee, right from the start.

You should not be surprised if your date can't stop kissing you, or insists on holding your hands as you walk down the street. Or indeed, stares into your eyes lovingly across the table as you sit down to dine in a restaurant. All the things you would expect from a real girlfriend who can't get enough of you. 

As a punter, and as the boyfriend in this scenario, you must of course play your part too, treating your date with the upmost respect, love, attention and showing your generousity. All this makes for a physically, emotionally and financially rewarding date for the escort and for the punter. Happy days! 

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